Features of bets on tennis matches

Tennis Integrity Unit – an organization dedicated to combating contractual matches and other corruption in tennis, has become more powerful than ever this year. But all the same it remained insufficiently powerful.

The TIU budget increased by $ 800,000 for 2017 compared to the previous 2016 year and amounted to 3.23 million (about the same amount as the winners of the Australian Open in singles). But we think it is quite a little for an organization that deals with the struggle for the purity of all tennis in the world.

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Besides, there are working twice as many full-time specialists in TIU now – ten people. Three new investigators and one analyst were invited this year. These ten specialists should ensure that all professional tennis matches (there are more than 100 000 every year) are held without any censures. As it will be quite difficult for these ten specialists to cope with such a workload, TIU decided to develop relations with bookmakers, who inform the organization of their suspicion.

For example, as part of measures to increase vigilance, it was created a special application to inform players about the rules and the dangers surrounding them. Since tennis players and their teams are obliged to report if they are offered to hand over a match, the TIU employee keeps track of a specially created mailbox around the clock, which receives this information.

Bookmakers and insults

The topic of insults was again discussed last year, which players are exposed to on the internet after the defeats – mainly from those who lost money on their matches. However, this season, the discussion begins acquire new turnover and the question of the responsibility of such bookmakers as davis cup winners in front of tennis players is raised.

In this vein, for example, the player of the Top 100, Australian John Millman said: “I do not like the contractual matches, the honesty of the sport is incredibly important. And I understand the readiness of bookmakers to help investigations in this area. But do they have a willingness to help fight the endless a stream of verbal mud that their customers pour on the players? ”

The fight becomes more transparent

Australian newspapers reported in early January of this year that the police of state Victoria together with the Latrobe Valley police and representatives of the bookmaker business conducted an investigation, the result of which was the charges against Anderson in the contractual match on one of the October Australian Challengers.

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